Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, and The Hunger Games

[Note: The types for The Hunger Games have been updated. Please see this post.]

These books don't really have much to do with each other, but they were all read fairly recently, and it seemed more efficient to combine them into one post rather than individual ones.  (Well, actually, they're all told in first-person, all deal with young people faced with difficult decisions, and all are love stories in one way or another.  So surprisingly enough, they're closer thematically than one might first think.)
Types from Jane Eyre, in order of appearance.
Jane Eyre:  INFP
Mrs. Reed:  ESTJ
John Reed:  ESTP
Eliza Reed:  ISTJ
Georgiana Reed:  ESFP
Mr. Brocklehurst:  ESTJ
Miss Temple:  ENFJ
Helen Burns:  INTP
Mrs. Fairfax:  ESFJ
Adele Varens:  ESFP
Mr. Rochester:  ENTJ
Blanche Ingram:  ESTP
St. John Rivers:  INTJ
Mary Rivers:  ISFJ (merely a guess since her character is rather underdeveloped)
Diana Rivers:  ENFJ
Rosamond Oliver:  ESFP
Types from Great Expectations, in order of appearance.
Pip:  INFP
Joe Gargery:  ISFP
Mrs. Joe:  ESTJ
Mr. Pumblechoock:  ESTJ
Miss Havisham:  INFJ (a very messed up one.  She was hard to figure out; I'm still not sure on this type.)
Estella:  INTJ
Biddy:  ISFJ
Orlick:  ISTP
Mr. Jaggers:  INTJ
Mr. Wemmick:  ENTP (or ENFP?)
Herbert Pocket:  ENFP
Bentley Drummle:  ISTP
Abel Magwitch:  ESFP
Characters from The Hunger Games, in rough order of appearance.
Katniss Everdeen:  ISTP
Primrose Everdeen:  ISFJ
Gale:  ENTJ (though this is open to speculation since I've only read the first book so far)
Effie Trinket:  ESFJ
Haymitch:  ISTP (or INTP?)
Peeta Mellark:  ENFJ
Cinna:  INFP
Rue:  ISFP
Foxface:  INTJ
Cato:  ESTP (or ESTJ?)
Thresh:  ISTP
Caesar Flickerman:  ESFP


Charity said...

I agree with a lot of them, but I think Estella is an ISTJ -- an N would think more about the consequences of marrying such an awful man and have more insight into the people around her, whereas Estella resentfully follows her "marching orders" (which coincidentally, is exactly like an ISTJ friend of mine).

Miss Havisham is an ISFP, I think -- an NFJ would see betrayal coming and expect Estella to sooner or later buck authority.

I enjoy your blog, and reading your predictions. I'd like to hear you explain some of them sometime! :)

R. A. B. said...

Thank you for commenting (and following)! Don't get a lot of either around here, so it's much appreciated.

I have been wanting to overhaul this and most of the pre-2013 posts. They were written before I learned about the cognitive functions, and I'm pretty sure there's a lot of cringe-worthy inaccuracy. This post in particular I know needs help. I'm working on the types in Jane Eyre and will probably be getting to Great Expectations eventually. You are very likely right (Miss Havisham exudes Introverted Feeling gone wrong), and I appreciate your insight. Just know--anything before this year needs to be taken with a grain of salt. My apologies.

I have been trying to explain my conclusions more, as hopefully the newer posts illustrate (for instance, the Sherlock Holmes one took a great deal of work). They may not be as in depth as your Tumblr posts (which I follow as isfjmel-phleg, by the way) since I do whole works at a time rather than individual characters, but if anything needs clarification, please let me know and I would be glad to give further detail.

Charity said...

No problem! If you'd like me to comment more, I can! (I know what it's like to put a lot of thought into things and get NO response -- it's very disheartening!)

You and me both; since figuring out cognitive functions, I'm realizing a lot of my older guesses for characters are really wrong! (I did get quite a few right, though, so that's nice!)

Jane Eyre -- the only one I'm stuck on is Edward (ENTJ? ENFP? He seems to use a lot of Fi, and is very emotional -- but mean); Jane is pretty straightforward ISFJ for me.

I watched Great Expectations last night and these were my guesses:

Estella -- ISTJ
Miss Havisham -- ISFP
Pip - ISFP (short-sighted, emotional, very Fi)
Magwitch - unsure, maybe ISFJ
Joe - ISFJ (very Fe)
Jaggers - ENTJ (mayybe ESTJ)
Herbert Pocket - ESFJ (love him)
Biddy XXFP

I need to read your Sherlock Holmes post! He's my all-time favorite character! Book-wise, he's really hard to figure out -- I THINK the new Sherlock is INTP (Fe) but others argue ISTP.

If I'm ever stuck, I may ask your opinion on a character. I sometimes do searches for second opinions and a LOT of the time, your blog comes up! :D

R. A. B. said...

Don't consider yourself obligated to comment; it's completely optional. But much appreciated.

Rochester puzzles me too. I'm pretty sure about ENxx, but only a quarter into the book it's hard to tell. Jane never struck me as an ISFJ; I see more Fi in her, but I will withhold final judgment until the reread is done. ISFJs and INFPs can look very similar, so it's hard to tell.

Thanks for sharing your Great Expectations conclusions! Those are all very plausible, and I will keep them in mind when I retype the book.

Holmes in the books comes across to me as more of an ISTP who develops his tertiary Ni more as the stories progress, but BBC Sherlock is possibly more of an INTP (though he seems to have moments of ISTPness), though I can't say for sure. The post touches on types in the series as opposed to the books, but it's not very in-depth and probably should be explored more in the future.

I would be honored to be consulted on typing. Thanks!