Tuesday, August 13, 2013

People Google the Oddest Things, or This Isn't *That* Kind of Blog

Yes, the big post promised is coming eventually, but in the meantime:

Glancing over some of the Interest search terms that have led people to this blog, I thought I should set the record straight on a few things.

isfj people kate middleton” Interesting thought, but I really have no idea on this one. I would prefer to avoid typing real-life, still-living people on this blog. Too much potential for error.

are isfj known to live in their head” Don’t most people? Introverts in particular are known to be very in touch with their thoughts and impressions, “seeing much but saying little,” and ISFJs are as guilty of this as any of them.

“caroline forbes esfj” No idea where this one came from. I actually had to Google this character. Unfortunately, dear Googler, I cannot help you with this type, not being familiar with The Vampire Diaries or intending to become so in the near future.

“dorothea brooke infj” Had to refresh my memory on this one. I’m sorry I have to disappoint you too, dear Googler, but I have never read Middlemarch, though I have seen the BBC miniseries once, and not recently enough to form any definite conclusions. If I ever do, though, it will certainly get a post. In the meantime, assuming you, dear Googler, have read the book, scour it for all evidence and test your conclusion. Perhaps you could do your own blog post about it.

"are sanguine melancholy people weird." Really, my dear Googler, I can't tell you. Go meet some and decide for yourself.

And as a nitpick, it’s Myers-Briggs, not Meyer Briggs. There seem to be multiple Myers; please don’t shortchange them.


Charity said...

Catherine Forbes IS an ESFJ. :D

R. A. B. said...

Glad *somebody* knows. Thanks, Charity. :)