Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Google Searches and Replies

The monthly list of Google searches!

“isfp control freak”: My other sister is ISFP. She claims she is not a control freak, and we have to take her word for it. So, no, probably not.

“istj unhappy”: ISTJness does not necessarily make someone unhappy, nor are all ISTJs unhappy.

“entj admire isfj”: I wish! I don’t actually know any ENTJs in real life, so I don’t know how we would interact, but going by my experience with INTJs, it is hard to get them to respect an ISFJ as an intellectual equal.

“isfj level headed”: I’d like to think so. At least we are until we’ve reached our limit and then we explode. It’s not pretty.

“isfj lovers”: Um . . . not really my area. Please seek answers elsewhere for this one.

“self centered isfj”: Why do people keep searching this one? Are we developing an undeserved reputation?

“captain wentworth entp”: I wish (ENTPs are cool!), but no, he lacks the spontaneity of the ENTP. Mr. Tilney in Northanger Abbey is, however, ENTP, if you’re looking for an Austen hero of that type.

“isfj pride”: As “ISFJs being full of themselves” or “glad to be ISFJ and don’t care who knows it”? I’d say we need a little more of the latter. All the NFs and NTs post all over the Internet about how fabulous they are; we need some representation too.

“isfj apathetic”: Um . . . I’d tell you how I feel about that, but I really don’t care. Meh.

“isfj criminal investigation career”: Sounds fun! This is not the place for employment advice though.

“college essays on isfj”: Not here, alas. My college never assigned such a thing. Tragic.

“rochester entp entj jane eyre”: I’m fairly certain Rochester isn’t a Perceiver, but I’m currently unsure of his type. Will let you know when I finish rereading Jane Eyre.

“reading novels voice types”: Ooh, reading aloud is fun! The key is not to necessarily use fake voices, but to vary your pitch and tone in order to suggest different characters. No idea why you’re looking for such information on this blog, though.


afargreencountry said...

hahaha I thought ISFPs were like the least control freakish people ever. who knew.

“isfj criminal investigation career” Somebody's been watching a certain TV show... (or reading a certain series, whichever)

R. A. B. said...

Maybe someone had a bad experience with an ISFP in the stressed-out grip of inferior Extroverted Thinking.

Yeah, and probably learning that IxTPs are way more suited for that role . . .